Fastway Shipping for OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace


“Let your marketplace customers choose the exceptional Fastway Shipping method for their product shipping.” 

Interested in offering a simple and widely used shipping method to your customers. 

But don’t know where to start? Our Fastway Shipping for OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace will help your store and the vendors to manage to ship. 

Moreover, the store admin and sellers can print the invoice, enter the tracking ID.

Furthermore, shipping costs are determined automatically based on the store’s address, product weight, and delivery zip code.

The API retrieves and shows real-time shipping charges to the consumer.

Fastway Shipping OpenCart


When it comes to offering customers a simple third-party shipping service. 

The store owner faces a number of problems. Various limitations influence which shipping service is most efficient. 

The most fundamental requirement is that the shipping provider must display real-time shipping prices with numerous alternatives at the time of checkout so that clients may pick the cheapest option.

Fastway Shipping OpenCart


Fastway shipping is the best shipping service since it offers a variety of shipping alternatives.

Further, it is currently accessible in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa. 

The store’s origin nation and area franchise assist in giving clients the best price possible.

Fastway Shipping OpenCart


  • The store admin can enter a custom shipping method name.
  • The store admin needs to add a Fastway API key.
  • Moreover, the store admin can manage the shipping method from the configuration.
  • The customer can use the shipping method if the shipping method is available at his/her address.
  • The customers can see the used shipping method name on the order detail page.
  • The Fastway shipping method is a cost-effective and reliable shipping method service.


Firstly, the customers have the option of selecting their preferred shipping method.

Further, the customers may verify the weight and unit of the goods throughout the checkout process. 

Fastway shipping offers a variety of shipping choices, including a satchel, package, and box delivery, all of which have distinct cost possibilities.



The sellers can also provide the Fastway shipping method to their customers.

Therefore, the seller needs to add the Fastway API key to fetch the real-time shipping charges and display them to the customers.

The seller can add a default origin country. Based on the origin country selected the seller is required to select a regional franchise in that country.

Moreover, the store admin can allow sellers to save details so that the vendors don’t require to provide details every time.



That’s all for the Fastway Shipping for OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace. 

However, if you still have any questions regarding the module please create a support ticket by clicking here or sending an email to [email protected]

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