CS-Cart Vendor KYC

CS-Cart Vendor KYC fantastic add-on aids the shop administrator in creating a method for confirming the vendor’s authenticity. Therefore, by giving you the goal of getting to know your customer better, you may reduce the danger of financial fraud.

CS-Cart Vendor KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a crucial function for assessing customer risk and a legal necessity for adhering to anti-money laundering regulations.

Therefore, knowing a customer’s identity, financial activities, and risk level are essential for effective KYC.

CS-Cart Vendor KYC is easy to use and makes things simple and easy for the admin. Here we are discussing the benefits of Vendor KYC CS-Cart extension.

CS-Cart Vendor KYC

User Verification

This add-on assists the store administrator in developing a way for verifying the legitimacy of the vendor.

Financial Safety

You may reduce the risk of financial theft by setting the objective of getting to know your provider better.

Customer Tracking

In some cases, the CS-Cart Vendor KYC plugin allows shop owners to accept or refuse new customer account registrations. However, this appears to be an effective method of keeping track of customer accounts in eCommerce shops.

Admin Authority for maintaining KYC

Admin can accept or reject the KYC verification if he found anything doubtful. At the admin end, there is also the option to send KYC Submission requests manually.

Simply select the supplier to whom the request should be sent and click the KYC request button.

Emails Template

There is an email template for the request for KYC upload, admin acceptance/rejection of KYC, and request mail expiration.

Maintain KYC Request

The administrator can send upload KYC requests to current vendors. Also, now it is possible to resubmit requests connected to KYC uploading.


The store owner can accept or disapprove new account enrollment from customers using CS-Cart Vendor KYC. This is intended to be a useful method for keeping track of customer accounts in online marketplaces.

Customers will regard account validation as a sign of the store’s reliability. This allows viewers to get a sense of the an online store’s professional system and pay more attention from the start.

  • Seller can easily upload KYC documents with the help of filling in entire fields as discussed
  • Vendors can select any store for which they want to sail through the KYC.

  • Vendors can select the KYC type that they will upload.
  • The vendor can share the KYC name and UAN as the mentioned in documents.
  • Moreover, the vendor can upload the file from the server, URL, or device.
  • Conclusion

In conclusion, CS-Cart Multivendor is a well-integrated platform suitable for customers, the Vendor, and the admin. Similarly, Both the admin and the seller can upload KYC.

After that, for any query or issue please create a support ticket on Webkul support.


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