CS-Cart Vendor Custom Registration

Custom registration means adding extra fields to the registration form. The default registration form has basic information about the user.

With the help of custom registration store owners can add extra fields and gather additional information about the user.

Admin can add extra fields like DOB, Hobby, Govt ID card, address, locality and family details, etc. That will help the admin to understand their user in a better way.

CS-cart vendor custom registration module provides the facility to add a custom registration field in their vendor registration form. 

Custom attributes/fields will add to the backend panel and it’s visible to the frontend while the vendor enters the details into the registration form. 

Custom registration gives the advantage of adding extra details on the registration form so the admin will get the extra details of the vendor. Which can be used for vendor details submission.

How does CS-cart vendor custom registration help?

In an eCommerce store, a registration form is the most important thing. If a module helps the admin to collect important information from their users. So the custom registration module allows the permission to add extra fields and receive the information. 

A few of these features are as follows:

Extensive Attributes

The store owner can create multiple attributes for each user. So that will use in the registration process.

Visibility of vendor attribute 

As many attributes are added to the vendor’s profile that will visible on the registration page. Also, the vendor information is visible on the vendor’s profile page.

Different store views with custom registration fields

Custom registration fields can be added on multiple store views, websites, and various stores. So the store owner can use the module to set it up.

Provide benefits to the vendor 

 The admin will get limited vendor data from limited fields. There is only a one-time registration form available for the vendors. If the admin wants any extra details later they cant gather them.

It’s beneficial to add extra fields initially so it won’t create any hindrance later.

Moreover, this allows the administrator to collect any additional or critical information from the person enrolling on the site.

The admin can create multiple custom fields using various available input types – text, text-area, date of birth, drop-down, multi-select, radio-button, media image, file upload, or dependable field.

Any details field can add to the form and the vendor needs to fill it. Details like any certificate, any file or document, identity proof, etc.

Furthermore, every store needs specific information from their vendors so it will be a great help for the admin to use this extension and add the advantage to his store. 

If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at Webkul Support System.


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