CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout

Single seller checkout allows the admin to implement a limitation that allows users to only add products from a single seller to their cart for checkout.

Further, After enabling the extension, buyers will not be able to add multiple sellers’ products to their cart.

As a result, whenever a customer visits the web store and the extension enables, the customer can only checkout with products from a single seller in their cart.

If the buyer adds multiple sellers’ products then they receive an error notice stating that in order to complete checkout, they must have only one seller’s product in their cart.

This add-on allows you to check out from a single seller. Only one Seller’s product can add to the cart. Admin can allow vendors to manage payment methods at their end using CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout.

This add-on comes into use when an admin only wants to create orders from a single seller rather than several sellers.

 It’s only that the buyer is limited to checkout with only one seller’s product. Further, they will only be able to complete checkout if they have added a single seller’s product to their cart.


This plugin allows the admin to require customers to complete the checkout procedure for each marketplace seller separately.

Because there are so many merchants in the marketplace, each one has its own products and prices for its products.

Customers will be able to view shipping, and payments for each vendor separately using single seller checkout.

Further, Separate orders and invoices create for different sellers, allowing the admin and sellers to manage orders easily.


  • Allow the admin to enable or disable the single-seller checkout option.
  • Allow only one seller’s product to add to the cart.
  • Only single seller checkouts will validate during the checkout process.
  • When multiple seller products are added to the cart, an error notice appears.
  • From the admin perspective, it’s simple to manage.
  • Support Multiple language translations.
  • All Multi-Vendor Marketplace add-ons are compatible with it.


Single seller checkout also provides multiple benefits to the customer in order to provide the best shopping experience and satisfaction. The feature enables by the admin from the backend.

Following that, the customer will receive a popup for failing to add multiple sellers’ products to the cart. It also benefits customers in a variety of ways.


The following are some of the most effective benefits:

The eCommerce sellers and administrators are well aware that a certain amount of commission distributes among them.

As a result, the system will find it easier to split the commission among a single seller for a specific order. And the commission can be shared in the form of a fixed amount.

Even after the module has been enabled, it is possible that the customer will add multiple sellers’ products. As a result, there must be some pop-ups and notifications informing the customer about the feature.

We also have these restriction pop-ups available in this module, which will appear immediately after the customer tries to add a different seller’s product to the cart.

The popup will appear on several pages, including the product page, category page, and cart page. This is due to the fact that the customer can add the products to the cart.

As previously discussed, if the number of sellers for any order is not multiple. The commission distribution will be simpler and more accurate.

Because the order will be picked up from a single seller, order management will be simplified. Order processing and delivery will be extremely smooth and quick.

This will also improve and speed up the customer checkout process.

The customer can also select products from the desired seller, if they are accustomed to purchasing products from that seller or if they like the specific seller’s products.

Customers can also search for a specific seller and purchase a variety of products from them. The customer will complete the checkout process and receive the order more quickly.


Moreover, if you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at Webkul Support System.

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