CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract

A Deed of sale is a legal document between two parties that maintain a record of the product sale. The seller plan Contract provides the document for signing the agreement at the time of registration that improves future conflict with both parties.

It is the agreement between two parties with certain terms and conditions for any seller plan. The contract document needs to sign by both parties.

It also allows to include of contract conditions for each seller’s plan as per requirement. 

Moreover, Seller needs to sign the agreement for the selected seller plan while registering on the online store. After registration, the seller can sell their product at the store.

CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract develop for running a good business with reducing future conflict.

Additionally,  they can set all terms and conditions on the registration page. It applies to all vendor plans at the time of “becoming a vendor” registration.

Cs-Cart seller plan contract

When someone makes an offer to buy something, both the buyer and the seller sign it, forming a legally binding agreement or ‘Deed of Sale’ between the two parties.

As a result, it enables the seller to sign the contract digitally for any seller plan.

Also included in the vendor plan are all advanced backend options for the admin to add contract data.

CS-Cart Development services provide services to the business for their rapid growth. Similarly,  they provide a CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract add-on to the businesses.

This add-on allows the admin can create a contract with the seller.

As well in the contract, the admin can set terms and conditions for a vendor who wants to become a part of the business.

Hence, CS-Cart development services provide multiple CS-Cart add-ons for the business as per their requirement.

So that businesses can upgrade their store according to the market or with customer demand.

CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract has several features for e-commerce. That helps a store owner to provide a good online store as well as the customers to use it very conveniently.

Features of Cs Cart seller plan contract

Integrated with MultiVendor 

This module is very safe and secure that helps in business. It is well integrated into the multi-vendor marketplace.

Hence, It helps to get information about the seller and seller’s business. 

Agreement Attestation by Seller

In the contract, there is all information related to the agreement. After that, the seller can sign digitally over there.

Therefore, it helps the seller to sign digitally on the contract for any seller plan.

Seller plan Creation 

This module is on the contract with the vendor plan. As well, the admin can customize it with the required terms and conditions related to the work.

Furthermore, Admin can set the conditions as a contact for any seller plan. 

Digital signature Support

No need to process an extra effort to a sign. As this module is very convenient to sign the contract digitally by the seller.

Additionally, a Digital sign can be done by the seller while registration is in process.

Email notification support 

After the registration, the seller will receive confirmation of becoming the vendor of the store.

Even though, all new updates in the seller plan and contract will be notified to the vendor

Contract field creation 

In this module, Admin can create a field in the vendor plan of the store. As well, the admin can develop important points as the filed of the contract.

After that, the vendor needs to sign the contract after having information on that custom field.

Advance backend support

This module provides all support to the admin. As well, all advance backend options for admin to add contract data under the vendor plan.   

It is very practical and useful to businesses to more smoothly through efficient supervision.

This module provides help to e-commerce businesses in several terms, as this is a contract between seller and buyer related to the vendor plan at the time of registration.


It provides clarity in the business relationship between the admin and vendor.

It also prevents the misinterpretation of communication and agreement for better management of relationships.

Additionally, it avoids potential contract disputes and concerns by resolving conflicts through arbitration.

It includes documentation that will allow an experienced business law attorney to provide comprehensive representation and review.

Moreover, if you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at Webkul Support System.


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