B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce

The eCommerce business is divided into Business to Business and Business to Customer. In Business to Customer e-commerce, the customer is a final consumer. But in Business to Business e-commerce the customer is another company. If you are planning to open a B2B Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers. Then, in that case, there are many parameters which you need to understand and implement in a better way for better results.

In the B2B eCommerce business, major customers are wholesalers. So, the pricing policy is often changed based on the volume of orders. And price list for wholesale buyers. Also, it depends upon the negotiation from both suppliers and the customer sides. Also, it is very time-consuming to pick products and add them to the cart step by step as a retailer, when the volume of the order is huge including a lot of products.

These are some major concern which can be eliminated by using B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace module for WooCommerce for your website if you want to convert it into a complete B2B marketplace solution.

B2B industries are changing very quickly. And what we truly believe in from our experience that, every B2B business is unique and modularity is something required for building scalable b2b solutions.

Before coming to the b2b marketplace, the merchant needs to be very sure if the platform is scalable and secure. WooCommerce is by far the best choice. WooCommerce is already a proven name in the E-commerce ecosystem. And WooCommerce, as I stated earlier comes with great tech stacks. So, as per my opinion, WooCommerce is by far the best platform to start your b2b e-commerce system.

Customer Quotation / Bulk order Quote

Customer quotation is a must-have feature for any b2b eCommerce system whether its a marketplace or not. So “why the quote feature is important for b2b needs and the simple reason is “bulk order”. Generally in any b2c kind of marketplace either its amazon or Etsy or Flipkart, There is always an order stock limitation. What does that mean? its simple buyer can purchase a limited stock of any item not in bulk.

Against the above situation in the B2B E-commerce marketplace, there is no such limitation on the stock purchase, even during starting the purchase of the item’s initial focus in not towards the stock. Why is that?

B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce: Using this plugin both the admin and suppliers can have the privilege to develop a marketplace for wholesale. Wholesale dealers can join the marketplace as a supplier and can get benefitted from a large customer base.

B2B marketplace for buyers and sellers will be beneficial for suppliers, as they will be able to connect to a large number of customers. The more the visitors, the greater will be the conversion rate. This will ultimately help them boost up sales and maximize their revenues.

Manage B2B suppliers in this plugin is quite easy, the admin can set the commission as per their requirement. Also, the admin can configure different commission for different suppliers as per their business requirements.

Quick order features enable B2B customers to make a quick checkout by adding products into the cart using CSV files. Also, the buyer can add multiple rows and can search a product with the help of SKU and product title as well.

Supplier’s Separate Dashboard – The supplier of the marketplace has its dashboard where they can check total sales, commission amount, paid amount, etc.

Restrict Suppliers Product Type – The admin can select the product types for the suppliers which will be available to them.

Restrict Suppliers Categories – The admin can decide which categories they want to assign to the suppliers.

Suppliers Approval – The admin can auto-approve the suppliers or can manual approve them after registration.

Unique Commission – The admin can set a unique commission for each supplier.

Supplier Feedback – The customers can provide feedback for the supplier from the front-end, which the admin can manage.

Post Product Query – The customers can post their queries related to the product on the product page.

Customer Seller Communication – The customer and suppliers can communicate with each other.

Support Quick Order – The customers can purchase multiple products on the website without visiting a separate product page.

RFQ (Request For Quotations) – The customer can send quotation requests for the bulk purchase of the products.

Unique User Quote – The suppliers can offer a unique quote for the customers on every quotation request.

Supplier Shop Inquiry – The suppliers can ask any queries to the admin from their end and the admin will respond over that.

The registration process to become a supplier in multi-vendor marketplace WooCommerce is super easy. On the basis of the configuration of the admin, the supplier can register on a separate registration panel or it can be common as well.


After successful registration depending upon the configuration of approval the supplier will be approved. If it is auto, then the supplier will be auto-approved else, the admin needs to manually approve the supplier.

The supplier dashboard gives a complete overview of business performance. A supplier can check different metrics and graphs for their business performance. It will help them to analyze the performance and improve operations.


Various KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are available for measuring sales and revenue of the supplier.

After registration to the B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce, a supplier profile page will be created. A user can check the available information of a supplier. A user can provide a review and can create a Request for Quote (RFQ) from the supplier profile.


Buyers can ask their queries regarding the product to the suppliers from the product page.


A buyer can click on the chat option to start the chat with the supplier. A supplier can respond to a buyer’s query from his panel.

Quick Order functionality allows a customer to quickly purchase the products without visiting respective individual product pages.


A customer can place a quick order on the B2B marketplace for quickly adding and purchasing the products by searching them using a product name or SKU. After that, the customer can provide the respective product quantity and add them to the cart to proceed further with the checkout.

The buyer can send a quote request to a supplier mentioning their requirements with the expected price. Request a quote option is available on the supplier profile as well. Customers can also send a buying lead request from the product page also.


By summing up this article, you can see the benefits of the B2B marketplace. Using this plugin both the admin and suppliers can have the privilege to develop a marketplace for wholesale. Wholesale dealers can join the marketplace as a supplier and can get benefitted from a large customer base.

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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