Amplifying the Advertising Arena through an Affiliate System

Okay! Let’s start off with a Bill Gates’ quote “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.

Another quote by Gary Vaynerchuk who is popularly known by the name Gary Vee, “Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household” establishes the idea of how important marketing is.

What if I run a paying guest business in a 4-story building and not many people around know about it? Is there a point of running such a business secretly? Noway!

Even if some clients come looking for the PG and plan to move in, my business will not flourish as it should as not many people will get to know about it.

At the same time, if I decide to advertise my business online or through pamphlets, hoardings, newspapers, etc, then I can surely expect a better customer crowd which shall turn out to be beneficial for the business.

Why do you think that Dominos, Burger King, Mc Donald etc, are so popular amongst the people? Because of their exceptional advertising techniques, these food brands have made a special room in each one’s life.

Advertising is an essential aspect of a business, be it offline or online and there is much scope if one advertises online. Reason being, the internet is where maximum traffic resides.

Let’s understand this with the following use case.

You are planning to launch a new music album in the upcoming month. You ask your friends, family, and colleagues to share teasers of the album on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The connections of your friends and family will further share the teasers on social media and this would lead to more traffic generation when the music album is launched.

If in the above use case scenario you advertise the music album through offline modes such as banners, hoardings, pamphlets etc. it is likely that not many people will be as interested.

Many of them will simply have a look at the hoarding or the pamphlet and the next moment they won’t even remember seeing it.

Advertisements not only fortify the sales conversions but also spread a word for your business across the internet.affiliate system

Let’s understand this through an example. Suppose I have a website for Kumauoni recipes. I wish to display advertisements for other websites such as Amazon or Flipkart on my website.

This shall benefit me in monetary terms. The website whose ad I host on my website will offer a commission for displaying the ads.

In the above use case scenario I play the role of an Affiliate and the Amazon or Flipkart are the Vendors whose ads I exhibit on my website.

marketplace affiliate system

It is quite profitable for the vendors as there will be a customer group that will visit the vendor’s online store, directly.

At the same time, there shall be a part of customer traffic who may hit a click on the vendor’s ad on my(affiliate) website and end up making a purchase from the vendor’s website.

An Affiliate System best for a tradesman who has started a new business. This way the person can barge into the business world and make a place in the market for oneself.

Through affiliate marketing techniques, the vendors, as well as the affiliates, can befit in a number of ways. Some of them are given below:

  • A not so expensive marketing strategy. It shall generate veritable sales conversions.
  • It will help one earn any amount of income.
  • There is no need to waste time searching for customers.
  • A risk-free method for the affiliates in financial terms.
  • One can always choose the affiliate to advertise the product or services.

To make a place in the E-Commerce world, it is necessary that one is seen. This is only possible if a store owner acquires a good marketing strategy, so, what better than an Affiliate System.

That’s all for Magento 2 Marketplace Affiliate System. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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