Advertisement Manager for Marketplace Websites

Promotions are essential for any business, whether online or offline. However, to promote your brand on a competitive marketplace website. The only means of reaching out to potential users is through advertisement.

With the help of this module, the seller can easily advertise their products through space and the blocks that have been set by the website owner on the front-end.

The seller can create ad blocks and can choose the advertisements space that they wish to book.

Note: You can also check the Marketplace affiliate system which will allow users to start referring to vendors products on 3rd party website or blog.

The Advertisement Manager will help you to –

sales rate

Sales have always been one of the major players of the eCommerce business. At last, what matters is the money you bring in.

With this module, you can easily outcast your products on the website pages which will attract more traffic towards your products leading to promotions. Let’s take an example for the better understanding.

Suppose you have a product that is relatively new but with relatively competitive pricing and specifications. Advertising manager will make your product showcase on various pages which will set sales to a much higher level.

Apart from the traditional means of increasing the brand value, sellers should also be concerned with increasing their brand promotion. A Solid brand directly affects the revenue, as a customer feel safe and secure in purchasing a brand that is known to them.

In the marketplace website, where the competition with the different seller is at the top of its stake. Having an advertisement manager, where the seller can buy the sections for advertisement on the page will help in creating a brand.

Not only the brand promotions, but this module can also help in seller to showcase various offers or discount coupons on their brands. The new offers and discounts will be visible to the new potential customers who can avail those offers and get discounted products.

This will promote your brand, set new customer bandwidth and increase the business.

Apart from promoting the brand, reputation management plays a key role in the market. The module helps you set up a market with new potential customers.

For Example: If you are building a product that is useful for a specific set of audience. But due to lack of awareness, the customers are unable to know about the product.

But with this module, you can easily fetch the focus of the many of the potential customers leading to a base market for the seller and his products.

One of the important benefits of advertisement on the site is that it is the most cost effective way of turning the market. When it comes to an advertisement via traditional ways, it becomes very difficult for small sellers to afford big billboards.

Consider a seller in the marketplace website having this module integrated will be able to buy the advertisement space for their products. The advertisements will be on the pages like the home page, product page, category page, and category search page.

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This will allow the optimized advertisement of the products with the target audience and relatively larger base for exposure. Where the traditional advertisement may have some hidden cost like printing price, distribution cost of templates etc.

Moving your advertisement with this module will have no hidden cost. The prices of advertisements are set by the admin which will be same for all sellers.

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