A Walk Through Opencart Multi-Vendor Mobile App

In this fast pace technological driven era, people want things to process at a finger click. Who wants to wait in a long queue and book a movie ticket, nowadays? Nobody!

In light of the above, it becomes necessary to talk about the importance of mobile phones. Well, this isn’t a new topic which needs a discussion, as almost everyone is aware of how important mobile phones are these days.

Hand over a smartphone to a small kid and he will open his favorite list of rhymes in the youtube app. Some of them are even smarter to download them.

In every aspect, mobile phones have set a mark and have become an imperative part of each one’s life.

Mobile technology is advancing each day and many new applications are being developed for work as well as entertainment purpose.

Moving on, let us discuss why mobile apps are an essential part of any business.

What if an entrepreneur has to check emails every now and then and he is using a desktop for the same. If for some reason, he has to leave his workplace and visit a site, he cannot carry his desktop along.

This is where the usage of mobile phones and its applications come to play. With finger tap the user can perform multiple tasks easily.

Not only business, but there are several applications which are extremely helpful and user compliant.

Be it banking, or an NGO app, apps like uber or ola, booking apps, to name any, users can befit from mobile apps as the requirement calls.

It is very important to choose the right resources and the right eCommerce platform before starting an online business. So what can be better than choosing OpenCart for setting up an online business?

It’s cost-effectiveness and extensive feature list make it the most wanted eCommerce platforms for online business purpose.opencart marketplace

Apart from this Opencart has also spread its horizons so as to use the OpenCart’s Marketplace in the form of mobile application as well.

If your Opencart is compatible to run on smartphones then you are on the right track towards high conversion rates and of course happy customers.

Business entrepreneurs mostly use mobile applications to run a business smoothly and to reach out to a large mass as mostly everybody uses cellphones nowadays.

For instance, let’s consider a case. When a customer gets to know about an offer which is for a limited time period and develops an interest in that offer, then he will try and access the offer through your mobile app for faster processing.

What if you don’t have a mobile app for your online store. The customer will have to go hither and thither to look for a desktop and if the offer expires, it will lead to a dissatisfied customer. Also, you may lose a customer for the same reason.

Bearing in mind the importance of mobile apps, the Opencart’s Multi-Vendor Mobile app is one stop solution for such use case scenarios.

On a little screen, the customer can easily access the Opencart’s Marketplace without any hassle. There is no need for the customers to type the lengthy url’s every time to access the marketplace.

opencart multi vendor mobile app

On installing the Opencart’s Multi-Vendor Mobile App the customers can easily access the Marketplace with a finger tap.

The mobile app for Opencart will not only befit the customers, but also the store owner and the sellers. The sellers and the store owner can manage the store through a smartphone despite time and place.

Given below is a list showing why Opencart Multi-Vendor Mobile App is a must.

  • Landing page for the seller’s which shows the seller’s products.
  • The seller’s details like transactions, order history etc are available in the Seller Profile Page under Seller’s Dashboard.
  • The customers can locate the seller’s location on a map easily.
  • In all, the customers can explore the store in a handheld device or a smartphone.

Therefore making things easier for customers is an essential aspect of any business. Therefore mobile application is the only way to reach out to a larger mass, hence increasing the conversion rates for the online store.


Demo Link-  

—–Android Mobile App

—–iOS App

That’s all for Opencart Multi-Vendor Mobile App. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at https://webkul.uvdesk.com


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