" Woman Wishes, is the first platform exclusively for women, the Mall, the Showcase Shops and companies offering their Products and Services exclusively for Women. Customer can purchase a wide range of clothing and accessories for Women."


Woman Wishes, is the first platform exclusively for women, the Mall, the Showcase Shops and companies offering their Products and Services We pair. Woman Wishes, has experts in Marketing and Advertising, journalists, designers, computer scientists, and all Tools.

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Business Challenges

We found constant challenges, we are constantly fighting to provide support to the small and medium trade, as all the solutions possible for them, since they are the engine of the economy, seek the sustainability and the growth of them. Woman Wishes, wants to fulfill the “dreams”, not only of users or users, if not, all of them. All we are buyers, all are users and users. We are introducing constant advances and new formulas, with the full support of Webkul, of the companions who have and especially Nitin Banerjee Business Development Executive are changing the way ‘Sell’ itself, we’re making real changes in the everyday life of all. Woman Wishes, is the first commercial center for women and feminine. To finish, say that only look and have a road, listen, listen a lot, so those dreams, not are only dreams, that is them make reality. That you can have them, and not to imagine them.



How I have mentioned, we are the challenges constantly in them. Every day, all the ideas and possible improvements for the web, trade and users is constantly a challenge. Without the challenges we could not exist, there would be no Woman Wishes. Webkul’s Marketplace and addons plus their support services are the key point to overcome the business challenges and we as team with Webkul have come to a point when our dream is now a reality.




Daily Page Views Growth


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What today and now we have, many shops, many products, high visibility and especially fulfilling dreams. Also in constant work with the team’s development of Webkul through Nitin Banerjee (Business Development Executive) where evaluated and define all it needed to do a platform leader in the market. When you have a project large, need companies with people large, and with a team exceptional, not matter the schedule, because work all in team, that is called future. We have achieved our dream and we are expanding thing by participating in various competitions of the Online shop and marketplaces.

Awards and Honours

We are able to achieve many awards like- Awards and Honours:

  • Embark on Speed (Yellow Pages Prize) International Prize 2016
  • Finalists 2016 Innovative Ideas + Banco Sabadell Foundation CEEI ( European Business Innovation Centre Valencia (EBIC ) CEV ( Valencian Business Confederation ),
  • Presentation Chamber of Commerce of Valencia Single Window ( Valencia – Single Business Window )
  • AJEV ( Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia )
  • CEV ( Business confederaciĆ³n Valenciana )
  • Florida University and Valencia Lab ( ValenciaLAB: Home )
  • EBIC ( European Business Innovation Centre Valencia)
  • Coto Consulting ( Coto Consulting Research, Retail Marketing and startups )

WebKul, is not only a name. WebKul are people, are professionals, but mostly there is humanity. They know to listen to you, they ask you how everything goes you are pending of ti, of your project, but above all of ti, self. Webkul makes dreams not only thoughts. Tea help to achieve them. It is clear that everything has a price in this life, we all have to eat, eating, dressing, etc. But WebKul is different, they already make a difference with other companies. Regardless of their awards or achievements. Because the real prizes are them. Each and every one of them. They know how important this life, be grateful. so I am very grateful, because thanks to your patience, thanks to help me.is a reality. and if you are wondering if I will continue with them, of course, there is where my project, will be Webkul and the entire team.

Sergio Gimeno