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A culinary experience to please the most refined palate awaits you at the Wine Exchange, Santa Ana, CA. The wine company set up initially back in 1982, by two like-minded persons Steve and Craig Zanotti a.k.a Zanotti Brothers.

Steve and Craig Zanotti quickly established itself in a few short years as one of the country’s premier independent fine wine retailers (Liquor Exchange).

The Zanotti brothers’ business acumen, combined with Steve’s writing and tasting skills and nose for deals, set them apart from most ‘traditional’ wine merchants.

They had established a wine program that would place them at the forefront of America’s wine retailers.

In 1991, the company changed names from Liquor Exchange to Wine Exchange (which they wanted to be in the first place) and hired Kyle Meyer, who would become an essential cog in the continuing development of the business.

Under Steve’s tutelage and armed with a (still) voracious appetite for knowledge, Kyle turned his palate and his mind and helped Wine Exchange take it up a notch.

During that time, Wine Exchange was one of the first retailers to establish an online presence (, and the company continued to offer a fantastic array of wines at rock-bottom prices.

The Zanotti’s, Tristen and Kyle have all come full circle with the Best Wines Group purchase of Wine Exchange and

Youtube Marketing

The team, back together again, created an efficient strategy to boost up their sales, and to create an education platform including their state of the art website & brand new wine showroom.

The company is having 601,000+ views on their youtube channel “The Extract” i.e. made for the wine geeks & cork dorks from novice to expert.

Wine Exchange’s face has changed, but the team has not. Tris and Kyle, with Steve’s help, will continue to push the boundaries and provide you with the Best wine-buying experience on the planet.

Pre Arrival System

In creating a new and diverse wine list ranging from the esoteric to classic favorites, the Wine exchange is the superiors in the markets. And to push the boundaries and provide you with the best wine-buying experience on the planet, wine exchange came with an idea of the pre-arrival system.

This will help the customer to hands on the best in class wine before the actual arrival of it on the store.

For the Pre-Order functionality, the Winex makes an inquiry on [email protected], which in turn creates a ticket. Within no time the agent gets to associate with the query.

Here the executive from Winex describes the idea of pre-arrival functionality that is like how the feature can be utilized by the customers to gets their hands on the exclusive wines in the store.

Extension Recommended

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Magento 2 Pre-Order

As per the profound discussion made with the Winex over pre-arrival feature, our sales team suggests the Winex team go for the Magento 2 Preorder extension.

This extension allows the customer to pre-order products which are not yet available at the online store. The customer or the guest user can place orders for out of stock products.

The admin can set whether the customer will pay a full or partial amount of the product. The customer will get detailed notification regarding the availability of the product.

Auto-Filling Address at Checkout

The executive from Winex requested a feature that can be added to the store. The functionality is like, if the customer chooses store pick up option during the checkout, then the store address in the pickup address field must be fetched automatically.

The customization request is forwarded to our development team, which worked correctly on the asked request to deliver the complete web app on time.

According to the customization, as the customer selects the “Pick up at Store” checkbox, the address of the Winex store automatically gets updated in the provided fields for the delivery address.

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