Developing Joomla Based Job Portal for Chinese Recruiters & Job Seekers – Wa Zhi Wang

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Why have you started this business? What kind of problem is it solving for the end customers?

Job sites are crowded right now, but we are still trying to see how we can stand out to help people in need, it is not easy, but we would like to give a try.

What were the challenges you faced while setting up your business?

It is hard to show your idea without a demo site, there are lots of free one page sites there, simple, powerful and pretty, but, they lack real workflow.

Our goal is to build a mobile app first, then web site with Angular JS and Rest API plus server side in PhP or Java. But to build such app with complex workflow is no easy task.

What do you do for business promotion (Online and Offline)?

We will try to start with connections we have to reduce marketing cost.

How is Webkul helping you in setting up your online store/marketplace?

I discussed the design with product manager Gautam Bagchi in Webkul; I am really happy he can understand my requirements right away and also helping me shaping the design and flow.

You feel like he is helping you as your own product team, designer and founder. It really presents to be a great teamwork atmosphere, after decision made, he will communicate with dev to see through the realization.

The dev such as Shailesh Kumar is super fast, smart and talented; you really hope you can have him at your side always.

Although this could be only our demo product, our adventure may not succeed after all, but I really believe the talents here can always help you to find a solution for your plan and help you to reach your goal.

I really hope we will always work together, if not for this product’s improvement, it will be for other future projects.

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