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Trendystyle, is a switzerland based Afro Swiss Online Shop For Hair & Beauty Products for Afro, Swiss & Caribbean Hair.

Its a place commonly known for its best price for human hair, wigs and cosmetics. You can here find everything you need to achieve a fantastic and fashionable look.

– Offers care products for dark and light skin, and which suit the special needs of ever type of skin.

– Change your appearance and look gorgeous, especially with the hair pieces and wigs from our large selection.


Deals in Hair and Beauty products.

Understanding the Requirements

Alton James, one of our great customer addresses his requirement to us. He wanted us to develop a custom module for him having the functionalities he is looking forward to.
His requirements was similar to what our Marketplace Cart and Order Split module is offering but the only thing which was stopping him to use our Marketplace Cart and Order Split module was that his website was not a Marketplace.

His concern was “I have two suppliers at different locations. One in Spain and one in Switzerland. Their shipping cost is different as a result. I require a module to Split the cart and order when a customer chooses a product from each supplier in the same cart. Every supplier to have their own respective shipping options.”

Webkul managed to understand all his requirement by continuously communicating with him and suggesting him the better and the best ways to achieve his vision.

How Webkul helped you in setting up your online store?

Webkul Team delivered to client an easy to configure module with the best user interface.
Alton was completely satisfied with the work done by the Team. This is what he mentioned to us “Thanks for all the speedy and professional work done”.

Take time out for beauty and visit .

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