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Thejewelleryapp- Jewellery and Watch Marketplace

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About the Jewellery App

Bringing consumers closer to independent jewellers.

The Jewellery App is an incredible marketplace where consumers can find the best selection of jewellery online and choose whether to buy in-store or have it delivered.

By working with independent jewellers The Jewellery App aims to help consumers connect with professionals for the best in products and services whilst supporting the High Street.

Buying and with a physical store behind the sale brings you the best of both worlds, better consumer protection from long distance trading, paying by credit card and also if you need to return an item or at some point in the future it needs repairing you can visit the actual store.

Started by the jewellery industry stalwart Daren Daniels in May 2018 with a small team of founders they have grown The Jewellery App to over 700 retail members.


Support and connect the high street, consumers and independent retail jewellers for an improved clicks&bricks shopping experience.



Jewellery, Watches, Pre-owned Luxury Watches and Jewellery, Ethical Jewellery.

Understanding the Requirements

Daren, came to us with the need of having the Multi vendor Marketplace module in order to convert his Prestashop store into a full fledged Marketplace. At first, he was having some queries related to the module workflow which we clarified to him at earliest and later he proceeded to buy the module. The module fulfilled all his business needs.

Later after some time, he showed interest in many of our marketplace extensions. He was so impressed with the functionalities of the modules that he managed to purchase our 28 modules (approx).

At one point, Daren, realised to make some modification in one of our module namely Marketplace Mass Upload.
He shared his requirements with us. The requirement was of adding an additional column in the CSV which the seller upload in the Mass Upload module.

We were able to achieve his expectations and delivered him the work in the give time frame.

Daren, was completely satisfied with the work. He mentioned “Look great thank you…” to us.

How Webkul helped you in setting up your online store/marketplace?

Webkul really helped Daren in making thejewelleryapp a successful online marketplace where consumers can find the largest selection of jewellery and watches from high street jewellers.
We were able to assist him with all his queries throughout now.

He was really amazed with the modules, the customisations work and most importantly the support he got from the sales team.

TheJewelleraApp is live now. Hurry and grab the latest designs before they sell out.

For a better user experience, you can also download their apps using the links mentioned below:

Google Play Store:

App Store:

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