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eXtraMarkt is a Sweden based online marketplace that sells more than hundreds of products from various categories that include electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfumes, and others.


eXtraMarkt today attracts more than 23 million visitors a month and is growing rapidly because of the increasing number of online shoppers in the world.

Often referred to as Extramarkt, it operates as a retail location as well as-as a third-party vendor market. Extramarkt offers convenient and secure shopping experience with online payment, cash payment upon receipt of goods and free return.

In addition to its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Extramarkt meets local market needs with its commercial offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.




We requested Ammar, who is the owner of the eXtraMarkt company to share his success story and entrepreneurial journey with Webkul. Please read the interview below:

What is your company’s mission?

eXtraMarkt is a marketplace that includes all the brands and products.


What were the challenges?

One of my dreams in this life to get a successful site, and has a reputation in the online market, because I am a programmer and designer and computer is a passion, sad thing to work to make dreams other than you. While you have all the possibilities to help you to build your dreams.


How did you overcome them?

In fact. It is difficult to deal with the finances of the Internet because of the lack of trust in the other party because of fraud. So. My dealings with the company at the beginning were just an experiment.


But when I saw the seriousness of dealing with the company, And their commitment to answer and remedy problems, I realized then that this company can be relied upon and trusted for long-term software work.

What was the result?

In fact, it is difficult to answer this question right now. I need time to see the results, whether positive or negative. Of course, there are errors currently under maintenance and this is normal, but the beginning. I can say that the starters were good.


What do you think about Webkul? Please share a review.

The diligent company whose primary aim is customer satisfaction before anything else. Is truly a trustworthy company. Of course 5/5.


Would you like to share anything else?

I love promotional offers and discounts, there will be no harm if there are promotions and discounts, and take advantage of international events to promote discounts. This thing is not bad, and inevitably will attract the client and double the profits in the long term.

eXtraMarkt Mobile Apps

We also developed fully native mobile applications for this Sweden based e-commerce marketplace. Please download the app on your smartphones or tablets, links are below:


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