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About Street Commerce- Online Trust Purchases

Founded in 2018, the platform dedicated to small businesses, designed to encourage sales by small and medium-sized companies and customer satisfaction.

Why sell on Street Commerce?

1- Monthly fee and commission on sales lower than the average

2- Entry into a professional network to generate activities even offline

3- Possibility to participate in workshops and meetings dedicated to one’s sector

Why buy on Street Commerce?

1- Security and peace of mind guaranteed by Street Commerce controls

2- Possibility to buy from the same retailer offline and / or online

3- Possibility of receiving discounts and / or convenient offers

Street commerce deals into almost every category one can think of. Like:

Clothing, Food, Car & Motorcycle, Beauty & health, Costume, Footwear & leather goods, Home & Garden, Electronics & computer science, do-it-yourself, underwear & linen, Oggettistica.

Needs and Requirements:

Davide Refresh wanted to convert his Prestashop store into Marketplace so he contacted Webkul for the Advanced Marketplace module. After going through the entire workflow of the module, he finds it suitable to his needs thus purchased the module. Not just only this, he additionally buyed various other Marketplace extensions from us in order to enhance the functionality of his web store.

At some point later, Davide came up with certain customisation requirements like:
“In the section “Manage seller transaction” is there a way to MONTHLY divide earnings by each seller?
Now the module displays me only the TOTAL transactions by each seller”


“Email to the admin when the seller updates/edits the product”

We were able to successfully delivered him all his business necessities in a very shot span of time.

How Webkul helped you in setting up your online store/marketplace?

In the beginning, when Davide, installed the modules on his site, we wrote to us some issues that he was facing. Our support team managed to handled all his queries so smoothly and provided him the best solutions.
Now he believes that Webkul Marketplace is the best marketplace module in terms of price and features. Once you get to know the module, it is very much easy to use and configure.

In the end, Davide was really happy with the customization done by our developers and was also amazed with the customer support. Currently, his website is LIVE and you all can go visit his website and make the purchases.

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