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About the Company

Safe Harbor is an eCommerce shop sells the product for video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation. They are selling Electronics Goods from 25 Years. Since some years, Safe Harbor started the online selling of Goods and Services.

Safe Harbor Products

Safe Harbor provides tools for quality editing, animation software, and hardware. It provides personalized services for the customers. They also provide the feature to know the shipping, compatibility, product registration, an option for financing.

Safe Harbor products


Safe Harbor is built on the Magento1 platform. They are managing thousand of product with the website but it not easy to manage a large number of products manually. Safe Harbor is looking for a PIM solution and they got a solution by using Akeneo PIM. After it, they are looking for a solution where they can integrate Akeneo PIM with the Magento store.

Akeneo modules

Safe Harbor finds the solution on Webkul Store as Akeneo Magento connector. They tested Webkul Akeneo Magento connector module with the Live Demo and it meets their requirements with no issue. After it, they purchased the module and installed it with the help of the user guide.

Magento Akeneo connector

After installing the module, they got some server issue and contacted Webkul for the solution. Safe Harbor created a ticket and mentioned the issue in the ticket.

“Issue1: I am getting an error in the akeneo dashboard console.”

Issue 1

Webkul helped them to overcome this issue. They are getting the issue due to Node and Yarn packages. The issue had been resolved by running this command.

 php bin/console pim:install:asset --env=prod && php bin/console assets:install web --symlink && yarn run webpack && php bin/console d:s:update --force

After it, they got another issue. Webkul resolved it with a quick reply.

“The loader goes away right now but it is giving 500 error.”


This issue is coming due to permission in the cache directory. Webkul suggests them to run this command.

chmod -R 777 /var/www/html/pim-community-standard/var/cache/prod/**

Webkul responded to their tickets and solve their problems quickly. Now all the issue has been resolved. They finally shared with us their experience.

Client Review

Ram also posted a positive review on Webkul store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit the link –

Excellent Support

“I liked the way they responded too quickly. It is really appreciable. A 5 star for you guys.Thanks for great help and efforts.”


Wisconsin, United States


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