How Rovlet Sells Beachwear with AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

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Unique textiles, distinguishable prints, the fusion of fashion & classic themes, the quest for the ultimate bikini; these are the elements that have established Rovlet as a leader in premium swimwear and beachwear.


Established in 2000, Rovlet is all about the beach – it embodies our feelings on a beach lifestyle inspired by health, freedom, and happiness.


Rovlet represents beauty and strength, individuality and confidence; it is distinctive and coveted yet grounded without pretence or elitism. Rovlet has always been, and remains, tangible, but also a little wild and unpredictable.

eCommerce Platform to Choose

The first thing when we start an online selling business is we need to decide which e-commerce platform to choose. There are generally two kinds of e-commerce platforms – subscription type (Shopify, BigCommerce) and open source (Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce).

Any e-commerce platform is suitable for starting an online dropshipping business. Depending on your budget, developer resources, set up cost and time, you can open your online store.


Rovlet online store is currently using Magento 2 community platform. Being an opensource platform, Magento is scalable and free to use so there is less set up cost. Moreover, Rovlet can customize its web store easily.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

In an e-commerce dropshipping business, the online store owners don’t need to keep the stock at their location. Instead, multiple third-party suppliers and vendors hold the products and deliver directly to the end customer.

So when a customer makes an online payment and places an order, the ordered item and delivery address details are shared with the relevant supplier. After that, the ordered item is packed and dispatched from the supplier’s location to the customer’s location directly.


The entire transportation, packaging, logistics and courier, fright partner interaction is managed by the dropshipper or supplier.

In a dropshipping, suppliers play a very important role in the success of a business. Finding the right dropshipping suppliers who are reliable, have varieties of large stock and courier to multiple locations is essential.

Additionally, you need a dropship supplier who offers products at very competitive prices. So, the online store owners can add a markup cost and earn profit from the end customers.

AliExpress – Global E-commerce Platform

AliExpress is a Chinese online marketplace platform. It was launched in 2010 and owned by Alibaba Group. On AliExpress, small businesses and manufacturers from China offer a huge collection of products at wholesale prices.


The online retail marketplace platform is strictly targeting international buyers and consumers. AliExpress is hugely popular in Russia, Brazil, and the USA. AliExpress doesn’t sell the products themselves, whereas, it acts as a platform where it enables independent sellers to offer their products worldwide.


With site available in five languages and shipment to over 200 countries and regions, AliExpress is currently one of the best places to find products for dropshipping. With this, many new online stores have come up, who source products from AliExpress and sell them to end customers, even without viewing the inventory.

Set Up AliExpress Dropship with Magento Online Store

Once setting up the Magento store, Rovlet needed to find suitable products for its beachwear shop. On AliExpress, there are millions of fashion items available across categories – fashion accessories, women clothing, shoes, luggage & bags, jewellery & watches, and others.


However, in order to source products from AliExpress and sell them on your own e-commerce store. You will first need to browse the product range and manage complete marketing information.

Besides that, on Magento or any e-commerce platform, creating new a product listing takes time, as merchandisers need to add presentable content, upload high-quality images, write a detailed product description, manage variations (colours, sizes), that will lure buyers and maximize sales.

AliExpress Product Importer

For sourcing product information from AliExpress to Rovlet online store, the company uses Webkul’s AliExpress Dropship for Magento 2. With this extension, online merchants can easily fetch products from AliExpress to their Magento online stores.


Moreover, the AliExpress Dropship extension allows the online store owners to change the product name, price, import reviews, manage SEO information.


While fetching product information, you can also decide which images to import into Magento. Further, variations are also visible during product sync and allow you to change prices as well.


When products successfully import into Magento, they are visible under the separate panel. Here, the admin can manage the AliExpress products and edit any information, view associated products, assign warehouse, etc.


Once, everything is ready, you can live the products and start selling from your Magento storefront. A customer can come to Rovlet online store, add an item to cart and place the order.


In AliExpress Dropship, online store owners generally prefer to offer only online payment methods. This allows the merchants to secure payments from the customers and manage cashflow better.


Then, after confirming the order details in the Magento backend, the order automation works. Here, the admin finally reviews the customer’s details and places an order at AliExpress site.

If you would like to further know, about the Magento 2 AliExpress Dropshipping extension, please read the complete user guide –


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