Opkix – The makers of the smartest, smallest, and most powerful lil cameras

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Opkix is a California based company that is building the smartest, smallest, simplest, and most powerful little cameras for both hardware and software. Through their Opkix Studio, they have created a space for content creators to do what they do best.

Opkix wants to disrupt the wearable optics accessories and mobile camera spaces, it introduces a new paradigm for shareability and connectivity on-the-go.

The compact camera affixes wirelessly to clothing or glasses and links to an integrated social sharing app with connectivity across all social media platforms. You can read the complete article here


Pre Order Functionality

Jeff Shoemaker is working as VP Software Engineering at Opkix, Inc. He contacted Webkul support team regarding the query for Magento 2 Pre-Order extension.

Jeff wanted to have pre-order feature for its online shopping website (http://www.opkix.com/). The site is built on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (now Magento Commerce) platform.

pre-order page

As there is no pre-order functionality present in the default Magento platform. Webkul Pre-Order extension is very useful for creating a pre-order listing and accepting orders for the upcoming products to be launched.

The store owner can receive partial or complete payment for the pre-ordered products and ship them later whenever they are available.

Authorize.Net Integration

Apart from having the pre-order functionality, Jeff wanted to integrate Authorize.net payment gateway with the pre-order. Authorize.Net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.

It has been a leading provider of payment management solutions for more than 440,000 merchants to accept and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via websites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order, and mobile apps.

Payment Action

Authorize.net payment gateway comes included in the Magento platform out of the box. There are two ways through which merchants can receive payments from customers. The admin can the set payment action as follows:

Authorize Only – Funds on the customer’s card are authorized by Authorize.Net, and an order is created in your store’s admin. You can later create an invoice and capture the funds.

Authorize and Capture – Funds on the customer’s card are authorized and captured by Authorize.Net, and an order and invoice are created in your store’s admin.

Jeff’ wanted to do have the customized workflow for the pre-order payment process as described below:

“Can this extension do Authorize.net authorizations (auth, not capture)? If we wanted to just authorize the full amount and hold it for pre-order, then when we are ready to ship, have your system send out the email to complete the order which then captures the pending transaction with Authorize.net? That would be the ideal flow for us. Rather than actually charge an amount up front.”


Magento 2 Pre-Order extension works with various payment gateways, you can see the list of online payment extensions.

Theme Compatibility

Jeff was concerned about the Opkix website customized theme that his Magento team had built. He didn’t want to alter the existing template design or make changes in the code.

Since it was a module based customization work, there was no issue of theme incompatibility. Nevertheless, Webkul support team assured him about the doubt.

Everything looked nice and matched with the existing logo and CSS styles of Opkix website.

Guest Checkout

There was a query related to guest checkout in Magento. Since not everybody is going to create an account during checkout either. He wanted to allow the orders to be processed without login so that pre-order customization also works for the people that do not want to create an account.

The same functionality was implemented where a different link in the email was sent to the buyer for completing the order.

In this form, the guest buyer enters the required details and can check its pre-order details just like the default Magento functionality.

guest order


It is to be noted that, the Authorize.net holds the payment transactions for 30 days, after that it is expired if no action is taken. The authorization expires and is no longer available for capturing the payment amount.

The following case was discussed with the development team and a solution was developed.

“What if for some reason, authorize.net voids the transaction before the user gets the email to complete the order, what happens? Do they get prompted to enter their credit card information again? Or will it just throw an error? Ideally, if your system can’t find the authorize.net order, we would like them to be able to enter their credit card information again.”

The solution was created, where after clicking the complete order button if the authorization was expired, a new form opens up asking for credit card details for re-authorization request.

Only the card details are requested, the rest of the details like billing details were fetched from the order.

Please note, you can only re-authorize payment if previously authorization has canceled or expired.



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