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Creating Deutsch Clothing Marketplace for Young, Emerging and Unknown Brands: New Hand Shop

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The New Hand Shop is a marketplace for exclusively new, emerging and unknown fashion & lifestyle brands. Whether sewn, finished or printed, the brands make each article a favorite piece!

Jonathan Bitsch


Why have you started this business? What kind of problem is it solving for the end customers?

New Hand is a Marketplace for small, emergent and not well-known Fashion and Lifestyle Brands. On the internet, it’s very hard for the brands to reach a bigger audience because the market is full of global playing fashion brands. On the other hand, customers just find the same, well-known brands in the web shops. For this reason, New Hand brings small brands and responsible, non-mainstream customers together.

Who is your role model for your business, product, or organization and how did you get inspired?

The clothing brand Patagonia for example, is a role model because the change the value of clothes and its production to something sustainable and also sensitize the customers for higher values than just the clothes itself. It also started very small and with a small audience but they’ve made it, to change the world. So we want to help other small brands to change the world and spread their message worldwide!

Also, our family and friends are an inspiration to us, because the help, encourage and motivate us to keep going. They also give us valuable feedback.

What were the challenges you faced while setting up your business?

Definitely, German bureaucracy. On the other hand, reaching the right audience for the marketplace is a tough game.

Any advice to the users who are running a similar business as yours?

Hmm…good question. I think we are still a very young and small business, so the main advice I would give is, try it and don’t to give up!

How did this Business Idea clicked in your mind?

Me and my twin brother were talking on the phone and were just randomly thinking about fashion brands in our area and that they are just popular in that area. Then we thought, “Hey, what about making small brands great again?” And so we just started the business…it was very spontaneous.

What do you do for the Business Promotion (Online and Offline)?

Online: Social Media, Influencer Marketing and email newsletter.

Offline: Interviews, Magazines, Newspapers.

What is the team size and how you manage your team?

There are just two of us. My brother Finnegan and me. Sometimes our family and friends help out if needed.

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How is Webkul helping you in setting up your online store/ marketplace?

In my opinion, Webkul Marketplace is the best marketplace app in terms of price-performance ratio. Once you get to know the app it is easy to use and is helping us do what we want to do: A marketplace for small fashion brands.

What do you think is it good time to go online?

Also, in this case I think, there is no wrong or a right time to go online. If you want to do it, do it and that’s it. Waiting for the right time might end in never trying it at all.

What market segment you are trying to capture?

The fashion market – nothing more and nothing less! ;)+

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