" Find a match! We are a company that specializes in single earrings. We are the only shop where you can replace a lost earring, or sell your single earrings. We are here to help!"


Lost one of your favorite earrings? Look for a match on Matching Earring!

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Matching Earring was founded in 2014 by Josephine Alois, after many years of frustration over lost earrings. She is hoping to pair up some of her single earrings. The owner wants to get buyer and sellers to the sale and purchase single earring. This was very difficult at starting but day by day people get involved when they started matching and pairing the earnings. People started selling and purchasing single earring in the marketplace.



The owner selected the Magento platform to start the business and was searching for a marketplace for Magento, so she gets to know about the Webkul’s Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor module. She opted for the Webkul’s Marketplace module and started the marketplace with this punch line “Lost one of your favorite earrings? Look for a match on Matching Earring!”. People started joining the marketplace to sell or buy the earrings from the marketplace. The owner has created their own shipping & return policy and every seller and buyer have to follow those policies.




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As a result, the marketplace is going bigger day by day and more and more sellers are joining the marketplace to sell or purchase single earring which is of no use for them. A creative idea can lead you to the destination full of enthusiasm and joy to see your dream to become a success.