Building Hyperlocal ‘Grocery Delivery’ Marketplace for Cambodia Community

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Based out in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Grocery Delivery online marketplace offers thousands of groceries and home essential products. Grocery Delivery offers express and next delivery options, available anytime and anywhere in Phnom Penh.homepage-grocerydelivery-asia

Customers can choose a preferred delivery time slot and get best discounts & promotional offers on grocery shopping. Grocery Delivery offers varieties of product across categories like – fruits & veggies, meat & seafood, dairy & chilled, beverages, bakery, health & beauty, household, alcohol, and other items.

Why Grocery Delivery?

“While serving the hungry customers for four years with Meal Temple, we (Maxime Rosburger and Antoine Pichery) decided to launch this new marketplace to provide Cambodia community with the finest grocery and household products in the town. This way, customers have the choice to either cook on their own with Grocery Delivery or order cooked food from restaurants with Meal Temple.”

Pre Sale Query

Maxime Rosburger wanted to start an online grocery shopping supermarket just like Big Basket. He came across, and from there he contacted the Webkul support team. Maxime was interested in Multi-Vendor Marketplace module for this project.

Maxime Rosburger


After few replies and discussions, Maxime finalized the Magento 2 e-commerce platform and bought Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace module.

Further, he purchased various other marketplace add-ons for the upcoming project and also wanted to set up the website with the third party theme.

Module Installation

We requested Maxime for sharing the SSH (Secure Shell) details for installing the Multi-Vendor Marketplace and other modules in his existing Magento installation server.

While installing the module, there were some JS issues related to the already installed theme. But, it was later found out that the issues were due to bad installation and configuration of Magento.

Maxime asked the developer to install the fresh Magento with Webkul modules and the theme.

Moving to AWS Server

While setting up the new Magento store, there were some issues with the server end as well. To speed up the process, we requested Maxime to shift to Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting.

Since Webkul also provides dedicated e-commerce hosting on top of AWS infrastructure including one-year AWS free tier plan.

Then, Maxime agreed to use Cloudkul Gold Plan and in less than 24 hours, Grocery Delivery was live with Webkul Marketplace and all the modules including the theme were also installed.

Customization Requirements

There were many customization requirements needed by Maxime, the following enhancements were discussed and implemented. The source code of all the Webkul modules is open to clients for modifications and changes.

Hiding Seller Information

“We don’t want the seller name and information to be displayed on the product page and checkout. Please make sure customer can’t see the seller name at any step of the itinerary.”

The above enhancement is already present in the marketplace module configuration. From the backend admin panel, you can easily decide whether to show or hide the seller information from the customers.

Delivery Time Slots

“About the delivery slots, only display GroceryDelivery/Admin delivery slots, not any seller delivery slot. Please make sure that the delivery method follows the rules;

  • For orders placed from 00:01 am to 11:59 am delivery slots available should be from 8:00 am the next day.
  • For orders placed from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm delivery slots available should be from 2:00 pm the next day.
  • For orders placed Saturday from 12:00 pm to Sunday 11:59 am, the first delivery slots available should be from Monday 2:00 pm.”

express delivery

Delivery time slot customization was implemented by making changes in the Magento 2 Delivery Time Slot Marketplace Add-On. Using the module, the customer can choose a preferred delivery date and time at the time of checkout process.

Product Labels

“The icons on the top left of each product are labels. The circle with 360 inside is the label linked to key_information attribute. The number is the number of days you can keep the product fresh.

The circle with snow inside is the label linked to temperature attribute. Display if temperature attribute is ‘frozen’. The flag is the label linked to the country of manufacture attribute. Display the corresponding flag.”

product labels

Product Quick View

“We want the product page to be the quick view. It means that anywhere the customer clicks on the product box, the quick view appears and the URL of the quick view the product page URL.”

pop-up window

The product quick view functionality was added on all the pages of the website. Allowing customers to quickly view the product information without visiting the product page.

Category Tabs

“As requested, we want to have some pictures on the subcategory tabs on top of the category page.”

The category section is customized to display a banner on top and swatch images. Each sub-category displays a small image with the count of products on top including filters and navigation options.

sub categories images

My Wallet

Magento 2 Wallet Extension was installed as well allowing customers to store digital money in their store account. Wallet money can be used to make purchases and further some cashback amount can be earned.


Social Login

Social Login integration was also done using Magento 2 Social Login module. With the help of this functionality, the customers were able to login to the Grocery Delivery website via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

social login

Daily Deals

“On Sale” are the products in the promotion. It means products which have a “daily deal” enabled or products concerned by an enable “catalog price rule” must be displayed on “On Sale” category and “On Sale” tab of the product’s category.


Daily Deals functionality was implemented via Magento 2 Daily Deals Marketplace Add-on. A separate page was also created where customers could find all the deal products at one place including Top Deals of the Day section.

deal collection

One Step Checkout

With the help of One Step Checkout for Magento 2 extension, the numbers of checkout process are reduced to just one step. On a single page, the customer can fill out all the information and place the order.

The colors of the blocks were also modified to orange color code #f7931e so that it matches the Grocery Delivery theme.


Facebook Pixel Integration

With the help of Magento 2 Facebook Pixel module, Facebook ads and user traffic were monitored. The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

You can use pixel data to:

  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people
  • Build advertising audiences
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

Mobile Friendly

To make Grocery Delivery website fully optimized for mobile users, various technologies were implemented. As follows:

Download Grocery Delivery app from Google Play –


mobile app

Optimisation done the right way

We decided Cloudkul plan after experiencing some recurring problems with our website. Since the site has been optimised by Webkul Team, our page load has been considerably reduced.

Now we are able to load Magento website at the speed of the light.

After optimisation, Webkul team was monitoring for few days in order to adjust the settings for the best performance.

Another great surprise was that the optimisation of Webkul team have impacted our amazon expenses. Since optimization our expenses on AWS have been cut down by 10%. I totally recommend Cloudkul & Webkul team.

– Maxime Rosburger


Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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