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GoGlobalis is an online marketplace for travel agents, tour operators, guides, insiders, and other travel-related businesses. On its website, it sells local tours, activities, and services to global travellers in multi-languages i.e. English and Chinese, more languages will be added soon.

GoGlobalis focuses on tours, activities and vehicle transfers, guides in Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. It aims to expand its availability to other countries as well. GoGlobalis offer services under four categories, i.e. – Go Countries, Go Cities, Go Adventure, Guides & Insiders.

Travellers can choose a destination, view prices & options for adults, kids, and infants. Also, do the booking for various types of vehicles and opt for tour guides.

GoGlobalis platform invites not only travel agents and tour operators but local tour guides and insiders as well. Travellers can check and compare the services offered by multiple vendors and then later choose individual services from different vendors and make their own travel package.

Variable Pricing Calculation

Prices of tour products were based on different factors – travelling dates, number of travellers, types of travellers, holiday dates, and discount rates. Understanding and implementing this complex pricing calculation was a very challenging task.

Various discussions on support tickets, Skype, emails were done. Many wireframe diagrams, screenshots, and workflows with multiple use cases were examined.

John Ping was managing this project, he wanted to have the functionality for the vendors, where they can easily set variable prices for the products. He wanted every vendor should be able to decide their prices for different types of participants – adult, child, and infants.

Here’s an example below:

  • 1 Adult Traveler price: USD 200/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 160  Infant price: free
  • 2 Adult Traveler price: USD 160/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 128  Infant price: free
  • 3 Adult Traveler price: USD 140/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 112  Infant price: free
  • 4 Adult Traveler price: USD 130/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 104  Infant price: free
  • 5 Adult Traveler price: USD 120/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 96   Infant price: free
  • 6 Adult Traveler price: USD 100/pp  Child price based on 1 adult traveller: USD 80   Infant price: free

product page

Marketplace Seller Search

As John wanted to create a unique marketplace for all the travel businesses. He, therefore, allowed anyone to upload products on GoGlobalis without registration fee, monthly fee, or any other hidden costs. Customers can search and purchase the services from different sellers and build their own customized travel package.

With the help of Magento Marketplace Seller List module, a separate page was available to travellers to find out all the available sellers who were selling their tour & travel services.


seller list

Chat System – Quick Login & Sign Up

With the help of Magento Chat System module, the customers were able to get answers for their queries instantly. Webkul’s Magento Chat System comes with unique features, it allows the customer to quickly login or sign-up from the chat system itself.

chat login

Affiliate Marketing System

John wanted travel agents, tour operators, guides and insiders to come onboard on GoGlobalis and use the platform to sell their tour & travel services. With the help of Marketplace Affiliate System for Magento module and some customization, the Affiliate Marketing was integrated.

“This is a sales promotion method and I want to encourage more and more people to have shops opened on the marketplace. Seller may not be the boss of the shop, we give 1% of the order to encourage the seller to sell more, a seller might know many people doing the same business, we encourage the seller to introduce more people to have shops opened on our marketplace by giving the seller 1% of the sales of all his referrals.”


GoGlobalis Mobile App

Fully native customized mobile apps were also developed for the platforms Android and iOS devices. GoGlobalis desktop website was now available on the customer smartphones. They can now search for travel products, choose the services, hear voice guides in multiple languages, and can even find friends by playing together in the app.


Download the iOS App –

Many third-party integrations were done in the mobile app. AliPay and WePay payment gateways were added for accepting online payments on mobile. AMap is a Chinese web mapping, navigation and location-based services provider. AMap was also integrated into the app for allowing sellers to show live guide to travellers.

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