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Business Challenges

The most biggest challenge was curbing mediators from manufactures and to build a Marketplace for the Crafts. Working on two different things i.e finding sellers to remove the mediators and building an Online Marketplace with the best technology so that the marketplace website will be scale-able enough to manage the huge traffic of customers toward the products.


We have connected manufactures directly from our marketplace so that the mediator and the supply chain cost can be reduced and customer can directly purchase from the manufacturer through the E-commerce Marketplace. We found the best solution regarding to the e-commerce marketplace i.e Webkul. The build the best in class marketplaces and Add-on for it.


We have been connected to more than 1000 sellers all over India and they are successfully registered with the E-commerce Marketplace and they are continuously adding variety of hand crafted items and we are getting a good traffic towards our marketplace. Yes time flies and hard-work counts. We have gathered many artists who are selling their handicrafts on our Marketplace and Webkul’s Marketplace and its Add-on are really the best solution for the an e-commerce marketplace.

Webkul is always helpful in terms of services & Products, they have large variety of products with very friendly support team….Keep it up….



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