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About the company

Founding Date March 2019 is a young family’s project to help preserve our planet by introducing Europe’s first zero waste online marketplace, powered by renewable energy, featuring ethical brands and organic products, shipped in a fully compostable packaging.

Our Story

A young family on a mission to inspire mindful consumption.

We are Philippe and Nika, passionate ambassadors of the zero waste lifestyle who believe that “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” And so, as proud and loving parents, we do every little possible to avoid having a negative impact on the environment.

We pay attention to how we get around, favouring walking, using our bikes and choosing public transport, avoiding even the occasional car ride as much as we can. Our flat is powered by renewable energy and when it comes to shopping we are making choices true to a zero waste lifestyle. That said, we only buy what we need and consider second hand options before we commit to a purchase. When buying new, we shop package free using homemade reusable bags, only settle for organic products and watch out for where and how were they grown or made. Composting has become part of our routine and we also make sure we resell or give away what we do not need anymore. When it comes to others, we encourage them to donate their unwanted items or sometimes we save them from the trash ourselves to give them a second life.

These little habits help us minimize our carbon footprint and make a big difference when it comes to reducing our waste output. Every day we get a little closer, but even though the journey to zero waste has been very exciting for us, it was not always easy to find solutions.

And that is why we created Zwoice, a green ecosystem that connects conscious shoppers with Earth friendly businesses, making it simple to feature and find ethical and sustainable alternatives. Because by being mindful together, we can achieve so much more than we could ever imagine.

Our goal is to keep a million wasteful products from ever being made.

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Waste free is our drop in the ocean

At Zwoice, we aim for a true zero waste online shopping experience. Everything we do, we strive to eliminate the negative impact on the environment, support local communities and facilitate informed decision making and responsible purchase behaviour. For this purpose, we propose an ecosystem where people we connect share our values and the rest then follows naturally.

We know that little things can make a big difference and so we do every little possible to make zwoice a truly zero waste marketplace. To start with, our family strives to live a zero waste lifestyle. We shop package free and into homemade reusable bags, only settle for organic foods and cosmetics, and pay attention to where they were grown or made. Our baby plays with wooden toys, drinks from bamboo cups and wears reusable diapers and smells of coconut oil. We all walk, use our bikes and choose public transport, avoiding even the occasional car ride as much as we can. We consciously minimise our digital carbon footprint. We compost all we can and resell or give away what we don’t need. Every day we get a little closer, but for the moment we still produce some waste. To compensate and above all to help heal our environment, we always carry a little bag with us and regularly pick trash from the streets when we are out and about, to avoid it from hurting birds or ending up in our waterways.

The journey to a zero waste lifestyle has been very exciting for us, but it was not always easy to find solutions. And that is why we founded Zwoice, to make it easier for everyone to embrace zero waste and help you get closer a little faster, as ultimately making sure there is no waste left behind us is the best we all can do for our health, our children and the environment.


Zero waste. ethical. organic. made to last.

Need and Requirements

Philippe was looking to convert his business website into a successful online marketplace where sellers can register and sell their products. He visited our Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module store page, read out the documentation of the module and tried the module functionalities and finally proceeded with the purchase of the module.

He was like so much impressed with the quality of the module that he later proceeded to buy many of our Marketplace extensions and the Prestashop modules.

I’d be highly ecstatic to name some of them.

1. Prestashop Reward System
2. Prestashop Marketplace Seller Shipping
3. Prestashop Marketplace Cart And Order Split
4. Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment
5. Prestashop Marketplace Custom Field

How Webkul helped him in customising the module he has purchased?

Not one or two, but there are many customisations which we did for Philippe.
For example: He wrote this to us “I’m using the Prestashop Marketplace module together with the cart and order split, seller shipping and Mangopay payments add-ons.

Currently, I have the option to add the VAT on the products to the calculation of the admin commission in the main module’s configuration page but I am not able to find a way to add the seller shipping amount to it.

So I would have: ( Products total price + VAT on products + Seller shipping amount ) * Commission rate = Commission amount

All of that, of course, correctly split by seller and not causing any issue with the Mangopay flows.

After reading his this message, we suggested him the flow to which he agreed on and we managed to stood up to his expectations.

We had an awesome business relationship with Philippe and we look forward to continue this amazing journey.

Would advise you all to visit once his online business website: and make a purchase.

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