Prestashop Paypal Adaptive Payment

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Prestashop Paypal Adaptive Payment– Using this module payment can be done directly in seller paypal account. As the customer makes the payment, it splits in 2 parts. The admin commission will be sent to admin’s account and the seller’s share will be sent to the seller paypal account. It also give liberty to the admin to decide on the payment split, whether the split is visible to the user or not. Admin can also avail the functionality to pay back to its secondary receivers. Once the module is installed a new payment method “Paypal adaptive payment” will be created on payment page.

The module provides 2 payment methods at the backend, i.e. parallel and chained. The admin can select either one of them.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.


  1. The payment splits in two parts, ie. amount to the seller(s) and the admin commission.
  2. Seller(s) will provide the paypal details for the amount to be credited to the account.
  3. At the time of payment, the amount will be credited to the seller(s) paypal account and to the admin account separately.
  4. Admin can set the paypal details.
  5. Admin can choose from the two payment methods available ie. parallel and chained.
  6. Admin can restrict the payment split to be viewed by the customer with the help of the chained payment method.
  7. The module provides benefits to both the seller and the admin.

New Features:

  • Now the admin has an option to choose from three payment methods available i.e parallel, chained and delayed chained.
  • Full transaction made by buyer at a time can be refunded by admin
  • The automatic split will take place in case of Parallel/ chained payment/ delayed chained payment type.
  • In delayed chained payment type all the payment made by buyer goes to admin’s Paypal account first.
  • Under Delayed chained payment, admin can transfer seller share within 90 Days
  • Admin can view all the payment information on the Orders detail page.
  • Refund information will also be displayed on the order detail page.
  • Admin can check seller’s paypal email address on Seller Profile page
  • Orders are created by IPN ensuring higher security