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Prestashop Marketplace Product Visibility

User Guide

Prestashop Marketplace Product Visibility– Sellers has some discontinued/insignificant products and completely disabling the product would have a negative impact on SEO. So, the best way to handle the situation is by managing the product visibility on store.

With the help of prestashop marketplace product visibility module, sellers can display their products everywhere, only in catalog or search field or can even nowhere on store depending upon their need. Sellers can also manage the visibility of product price and add to cart button on product page.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.


  • Sellers can easily manage the visibility of their products.
  • Admin can also manage the visibility of sellers products on store.
  • Sellers can display their product everywhere/only in catalog/only in search field/ nowhere depending on their need.
  • Seller can display/hide the “add to cart” button on product page.
  • Seller can also display/hide the price of the product, only when the “add to cart” button is disabled.
  • Seller can also inform buyers that the product is available online only, if they have a retail store also.

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