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Prestashop Marketplace Product Feature

User Guide

Prestashop Marketplace Product Feature With the help of this module sellers can associate the admin added feature with their products. Seller can also set the feature values on its own. Seller can now add features and feature values in multi language. Seller can even delete any feature, if the feature has not been used with any product.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.


  • Seller can add new features(based on admin configuration)
  • Seller can use the features added by the admin for the products.
  • Seller can add new values to the already added features.
  • Seller can either use the predefined feature values or can add the custom values.
  • Seller can edit and delete the features, if they are not used with any other product.
  • The user can see the features added with the product as “Data Sheet” on the Product detail page.
  • The admin can add the features from the back-end for any of the product.
  • The admin can also edit the feature values added by the seller.
  • Seller can add features and its values in multi-language.
  • A new tab i.e. feature will be added to update seller product page at back-end.
  • Admin can view all the features added to seller products.
  • Admin can also edit the features to seller products directly from the manage seller product tab.

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