Prestashop Marketplace Fedex Shipping

User Guide

Prestashop Marketplace Fedex Shipping : With the help of this module, admin and the seller can now have Fedex (Federal Express) Shipping for their product. Now you can ship the products with the reliable and trusted delivery service.

The configuration is also quite simple. After installation, the admin can configure it from backend by filling in the fedex account details and the location details. Similarly the seller needs to add the details from the frontend, only then the fedex shipping will be available for seller products too.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.



  • Admin can deliver the product with Fedex Shipping.
  • Admin can select from the list of carriers available, that will be applicable for shipping of seller and admin products.
  • Admin can set the handling fee on its own.
  • Admin can select the default packaging type also for the delivery of admin products.
  • Seller can also use Fedex carrier for the product, by filling in the necessary details from frontend. Only then the fedex shipping gets activated for the seller products.
  • Seller can also set the handling fee on its own.
  • Seller can select the default packaging type also for the delivery of seller products.
  • While adding and editing any product, seller can choose whether to assign the fedex carrier for shipping the product or not.
  • Cache system is improved for module better performance.
  • Improve file structure and database structure.
  • Fully compatible with latest API.
  • Now admin can enable/disable shipping for seller who didn’t fill their Fedex shipping details.

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