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Opencart SEO In 2018

Opencart SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) – Opencart is super simple and very flexible E-commerce platform for online retailers. Millions of shop owners are using it around the world. SEO has been changed a lot in recent years. Still, online blogs and sites are bombarded by old tips and tricks which doesn’t matter in 2018 at all.

I will try to explain Few tips which will be super useful for Opencart Store SEO in 2018

This is by far the most important advice for every shop owner in 2018. Most of the retailers optimise things in the wrong way. They focus more on search engines instead real users. Which matters a lot.

Bounce Rate is everything

Yes, Bounce rate is everything. Suppose that you are running a store where loads of popups are there OR maybe you are having a super slow store OR random increase in price during checkout. Those reasons for sure will increase the bounce rate which leads to slow conversions and ultimately poor rank.

So the single best advice for SEO – “Do you want to improve SEO ranking Try to reduce bounce rate”

There are loads of reasons for bounce rate. I am adding few of them here

  • Slow Store speed. Make sure your store perform fast. especially your TTFB.
  • SSL is enabled. It gives more trust to the customer.
  • Reduce popups.
  • Write readable content.
  • Optimise product page Images using ajax (on demand load).Server content from CDN ( content delivery network ).
  • Your first scroll screen is super important. Try to add most meaningful information there.
  • Product images should be of good quality.

and many more.

Rich snippets play a very vital role in CTR ( click through rate ). Rich snippets lead to more clicks which can lead to more sales conversions. As an Example – I searched “opencart vendor extension” in google which is called as SERP

You can see the star rating with price and reviews. Which leads to more clicks.

Most of the Opencart retailer optimise it for web but not for mobile which is a huge mistake. Even responsiveness sometimes isn’t a good option at all. The reason is simple – Slow loading in mobile.

That’s why I would strongly recommend using AMP pages ( accelerated mobile pages ), which leads to fast response time with low bounce rate. As an Example – I Searched for Opencart POS Extension


As you can see “thunder” icon which represents the page is optimised for AMP. 

There are loads of SEO advice which every Opencart store need to follow up. Will try to add more in future. Let me know if you have any  query or doubts



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