Opencart Marketplace Upsell

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Opencart Marketplace Upsell extension will allow the sellers to induce the customers to buy more products, upgrades or add-ons by providing an upselling option. The admin can do the module configuration from the admin panel. The seller can add Upsell products from the seller panel by selecting the product, selecting the Displaying Position, enabling the Countdown Timer, selecting the date range and entering the unit for Upsell Products. To use the Opencart Marketplace Upsell module, you must have first installed the Webkul Opencart Marketplace module.

Features of Opencart Marketplace Upsell

  • Admin will have the track of all the upselling products.
  • Admin can disallow the vendors whom he doesn’t want to give the up-sell service.
  • Admin can activate the countdown for upselling products.
  • Admin can choose whom to give countdown/unit available service.
  • Admin can delete the upsells added by the sellers.
  • Admin can also export the data for the upselling.
  • Vendors can add their products for upselling.
  • Vendors can set the display position for the upselling products.
  • Vendors can enable or disable the countdown status.
  • Vendors can enter the start and end dates for which the offer will exist.
  • Vendors can specify whether to show the units of upselling products on the product page and the number of the units that are available.