Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Seller Profile As Subdomain 

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Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Seller Profile As Subdomain : This splendid extension allows the seller to create a sub-domain at the time of registration. The add-on permits creating of sub-domains at seller end. The seller can insert any keyword into the URL without creating and registering a new website. This helps to reduce committing blunders of using keyword-rich domain names that are entirely different from the type of business.



  • Well integrated and acting as a supportive add-on of Multi-vendor Marketplace.
  • Any sub-domain can be used as seller alias.
  • Easy changing of sub-domain alias from Marketplace menu.
  • Login and other sessions across all sub-domains.
  • Only one Joomla installation.
  • No configuration needed.
  • Sub-domain entry with the help of A-Record. A-Record(Address Record) helps to make a wild card entry and point all sub-domain to a particular server.
  • Sub-domain feature option on Mp-registration and Marketplace Menu.
  • The seller with sub-domain enabled will have all views on sub-domain.