Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Downloadable Product

User Guide

Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Downloadable Product: This splendid add-on helps the merchant to run their marketplace based on the downloadable product. Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Downloadable Product conveniently allows the sellers of the site to upload, add, sell and manage the product type which is downloadable.


  • Supports downloadable product type.
  • Well integrated and acting as a supportive add-on of Multi-vendor Marketplace.
  • File download access at customer end is based on the order confirmation by admin.
  • Option to add digital assets in “Add product” tab at seller end.
  • The option of email notification consists of the downloadable link is provided.
  • Functionality to set a maximum number of download individual order is available at admin and seller end.

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