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B2b Marketplace Vendor Catalog

B2b Marketplace Vendor Catalog – Inventory source is the biggest problem in the marketplaces, especially in B2b marketplaces.

As per the previous B2b Marketplace series we have discussed b2b price rules, b2b RFQ and B2b supplier onboarding. In this article, we will discuss more B2b Marketplace supplier catalog managemen


Finding the right supplier for the marketplace is really hard. Especially if your marketplace is focused on B2b. There are various factors for b2b multi-vendor catalog management –


  • Provide SKU source to vendors.
  • Marketplaces need to provide the catalog based on categories/groups to the vendors.
  • Retailers need to have various kinds of filters e.g attribute filter, category filter, price filter, etc.
  • Retails can manage the pricing and stock by their own dashboard
  • Based on retailers b2b shopping list should be there
  • Flexible price list based on vendors.



As per the above screenshot providing an option for vendors to choose the products. This is the best way to provide easy to use the wholesale catalog for vendors.


This is another challenge for the b2b multi-vendor marketplace, to source the right inventory. There are good options in dropship stores like Alibaba.

B2b Marketplaces Must have the inventory management like alibaba

So the best approach would be to allow vendors so that they can search the complete wholesale catalog of the marketplace.

Also based on their expertise they can select and sell.




The best approach would be to have a system like select and sell.

Our b2b marketplace vendor catalog provides easy. search select and sell

In this way, vendors will be able to search the entire product database. Also, they will be able to add those products to their profile.

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